There are many ways to build a better future.
We choose education.

In evidence

Bolton Hope Foundation

We believe education plays a fundamental role in developing social and environmental awareness and responsibility for young people, and it is our firm belief that quality education can enhance the positivity and potential within every human being.
Through education, we aspire to give young people hope for the future by providing them with the means to become responsible and informed creators of their own lives.

The right to learn

Access to knowledge and education is a basic right for all children and young people. It provides them with the tools they need to build their own future. Quality learning opportunities and experiences empower young people to apply the knowledge they acquire. This can be achieved thanks to teachers, families and communities working together.
Within the broad sector of education, we decided to focus on the following key challenges:

Early school leaving prevention

we are committed to guaranteeing the Right to Learn to children and young people, by removing the barriers that could undermine their educational pathway.

Education for Sustainable Development

we promote pedagogical practices aimed at increasing skills, sensitivity and awareness on the topic of sustainable development and protection of our planet.

Quality education

we support initiatives that locally, on a larger scale or on specific issues contribute to the improvement of the world of education and school.

Other areas

Extensive commitment

Supporting future generations means contributing to the wellbeing of the communities in disadvantaged neighbourhoods and helping vulnerable people.
For this reason, in addition to striving to promote the right to education, we intervene to help in crisis situations and support initiatives of general interest that contribute to building a fair, sustainable and inclusive future.

Concrete initiatives and qualified partners

We support the work of public and private bodies as well as non-profit organizations, in any area that has a positive, tangible and measurable impact.

In doing so, we are committed to carrying out concrete projects in collaboration with qualified partners, who share our same vision.

Our contribution to the dissemination of knowledge

Through researches, publications, specialized studies, events and meeting opportunities, we promote the dissemination of knowledge as a fundamental tool for contributing to change and the generation of susainable value in the long run

Our content available to everyone

Our content and those produced by the partners we work with are publicly available to anyone who wishes to explore them.