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Enhanced School Autonomy – Palermo
An initiative to prevent educational failure and raise learning levels
2022 – on going

In late 2022, we launched the initial phases of a wide-ranging project in Palermo, which aims to permanently strengthen the educational offer of some public schools.
The initiative, which also involves local non-profit organisations, covers three large comprehensive schools with a total of 22 sites, attended by over 3,400 students between the pre-school, primary and secondary school levels. Its aims are:

  • Prevent the educational failure of students and promote an improvement in learning;
  • Allow for a stable improvement in the educational offer of the schools involved
  • Support the integration between school and extracurricular realities, creating conditions for dialogue and participation between teachers, educational operators and families and promoting co-design and integration between professional skills to promote the learning of basic, socio-emotional and citizenship skills, indispensable in the first cycle of education.

Key numbers



students to benefit annually when fully operational


comprehensive schools in 6 areas of the city


years of expected project time horizon