About us

We are a Foundation specialized on education.

Through the prevention of the early-school leaving, the promotion of pedagogical practices and innovative didactic methods, the promotion of education for sustainable development, we contribute to ensuring accessible and quality education.

The Foundation

There are many ways to build a better future. We choose education.

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Mission, Objectives and Strategies

Education as the engine for change.

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What makes us different


We recognize that philanthropy is a complex work that requires a professional approach in all the activities carried out and decisions taken every day.


We have the ambition to become over time a recognized point of reference in the field of education and philanthropy and we carry on our activities aspiring to achieve excellence in what we do.


We are aware that responding to social needs and to complex challenges requires a rigorous approach, in the selection of the initiatives to support and the partners with whom to work with, in the choice of medium-long term time horizons of intervention, in the ways of relating with partners.