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Nova Schol@ – Study

Innovazione digitale della didattica e inclusione sociale: i primi esiti del progetto Nova Schol@. 


The 4 longforms that anticipate the results of  “Nova Schol@”, the research realized together with Percorsi di Secondo Welfare, which studies the digitalization and how it can innovate an outdated way of teaching in favor of a digital one, that can help social inclusion, have been published.

Oltre la cattedra

“Oltre la Cattedra” podcast is produced by Percorsi di Secondo Welfare with our support as part of Nova Schol@, the research project that investigates digital innovation in education and how it can foster social inclusion. In and out of school.

Research report 

Research report “Non-attendance and early school leaving. Two strategies for a better understanding of the phenomenon and more effective intervention strategies”