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Nova Schol@: digital educational innovation for inclusion
A research on the effects of digitization and didactic innovation in Italian schools
2022 - ongoing

We believe that, when implemented correctly, digitalisation can be an effective tool for rethinking education as a whole, making it more engaging, participatory and inclusive.

We decided to support Percorsi di Secondo Welfare, a research and information laboratory that has been engaged for years in broadening and disseminating the debate on the changes taking place in Italian welfare, through the realization of Nova Schol@, a project that aims to investigate the correlation between didactic innovation, digitization and social inclusion.

To answer these questions, Nova Schol@ also involves detailed field research through the involvement of students, teachers and parents in some public schools particularly active on the issues under investigation.

These research activities will be complemented by communication and dissemination activities, including the creation of the podcast “Oltre la cattedra”.