A new school with an environmental vocation in Quartieri Spagnoli, Naples
2021 – ongoing

Since 2021 we have started a long-term collaboration with the FOQUS Foundation and the Social Enterprise “Dalla Parte Dei Bambini” of Naples for the creation of a new school with an excellent training offer with a specific environmental vocation.
The new school, founded by  this collaboration, is located in the centre of the Spanish Quarters of Naples, a social context characterized by high levels of educational and economic poverty.

The school was inaugurated in September 2023 during GEA – Giornate Educazione Ambiente event. Once fully operational, it will provide education for around 500 children a year at the following levels:

  • 60 in nursery school (0-2 years)
  • 110 in kindergarten (3-5 years)
  • 270 in primary school (6-10 years)
  • 50 in lower secondary school (11-14 years)

Construction work was completed as part of an urban regeneration and redevelopment plan. The premises of the new school were recovered from largely abandoned buildings in the neighbourhood, adapted for innovative teaching practices and for disseminating a new environmental culture.

This initiative serves as a model for our other activities, because of its:

  • Clear focus on active learning, inspired by Freinet teaching methods, and a determination to become a centre of educational excellence
  • Active involvement in preventing educational poverty and early school leaving
  • Promotion of a culture of sustainable development with a view to spreading it to the entire world of education

Key numbers



children to benefit annually when fully operational


2.700 m2

of indoor space and 400 m2 of restored green area


Garden-Lab with plant species and spaces for lessons on nature and the environment


year project time horizon