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Nursery Schools Program
An initiative to improve the educational offers and promote an increase in available spots.
2024 – ongoing

The Program, which will be implemented starting from the 2024-25 school year, will be based on two different lines of intervention that aim fundamentally to:
improve the educational offer, organizational efficiency, and internal and external spaces of non-profit nursery schools active in the Municipality of Milan;
promote an increase in available spots through the encouragement of the creation of new nursery schools, with particular interest in environmentally conscious initiatives.
In the preliminary phase initiated in 2023, together with Percorsi di Secondo Welfare, an analysis of the perceived and actual needs of the existing nursery schools was conducted, in order to have a more detailed overview of their constraints and opportunities and to provide useful indications also for the second line of intervention, aimed at the creation of new nurseries.

Key numbers



children indirectly benefiting from the intervention



nursery schools involved in the preliminary analysis.