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Support for TOG
A centre of excellence for the rehabilitation of children with neurological disorders
2019 – ongoing

We have been supporting TOG – the TogetherToGo Foundation, a centre of excellence for the rehabilitation of children suffering from severe neurological disorders, since 2019.   
Over the years, we have helped these children by providing specialist training for clinical personnel and rehabilitation projects with a focus on education.            

In 2023, we helped TOG renovate the premises destined to house the Fragile City project in Milan.

The new centre will rehabilitate hundreds of children and young adults suffering from complex neurological pathologies and with special educational needs (SEN), helping them to study, and preparing them for careers and independent lives.

The Fragile City project will employ highly skilled staff to provide cognitive and educational support using the latest and most effective methods in the field of dynamic cognitive rehabilitation.

The new centre will also serve as a specialist training hub for clinicians and teachers working with disabled and educationally fragile children.