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School of Sustainability
An education path on sustainable development
2023 – ongoing

The ‘School of Sustainability’ project targets lower secondary school teachers and pupils. The initiative addresses the question of sustainability by adopting an interdisciplinary approach to key environmental issues, by studying the problems involved, and by proposing possible solutions.

Run together Future Education Modena (FEM), the initiative aims to raise awareness of the complexity and interdisciplinarity of environmental issues, and to prevent “climate change anxiety” among young people by getting them actively involved.

Designed to include a classroom component (in the provinces of Naples, Lecce, Turin, Cuneo, Modena and Bologna) and an online component available to all Italian teachers, the “School of Sustainability” is scheduled to hold around 160 classes in the 2023-24 school year, involving the same number of teachers and around 3,000 students.

In addition to conventional teaching material, the project plans to launch a web-based platform to give participants access to digital activities and to host an open-to-all, navigable and interactive map presenting the contributions, projects and activities of participating schools. A dedicated digital report will be published at the end of the project to valorise and publicise the work done by the participating schools.