Learning more festival in Modena
The first Festival in Italy explicitly dedicated to the theme of education, training and learning – Modena, Italy

Learning More is the first Festival in Italy explicitly dedicated to the theme of education, training and learning.

The initiative, in its first edition in 2022, was promoted by the Municipality of Modena, by Codice Edizioni, cultural and scientific events planner, and by Future Education Modena (FEM), a reality that works to increase research, quality and impact of education in society, through the creation and launch of educational formats, characterized by a high technological and innovative content.

Aimed at students, schools, universities, training institutions, learning professionals (teachers, educators, trainers, etc.) and a vast and heterogeneous public interested in contents related to learning and innovation, Learning More, in its first edition, hosted within the program a series of thematic schedules aimedto explore the theme of learning and training from different lenses and angles, in order to reach a heterogeneous audience with ad-hoc languages.

Through interactive and different formats, ranging from Lectio Magistralis, to round tables, from learning shows to educational and demonstrative workshops, the Modena Festival had three fundamental objectives that characterize its positioning:

  • Being transversal (not just school): the events of the educational world often suffer from an excessive focus on the organizational aspects of the single sector; on the contrary, the festival had a transversal mission at heart: to improve the effectiveness of learning experiences.
  • Being deep (setting agenda): depth and multidimensionality in the contents, quality and uniqueness of the proposal on the national and international scene are the elements through which to achieve the goal of raising education.
  • Be usable (motivate to learn): Being innovative does not mean following trends. Innovating means knowing how to deal with and manage the issues of the 21st century with credibility, relevance and the ability to be understandable.

Convinced of the importance of supporting the cultural development of the sector and of promoting opportunities to meet and exchange ideas and solutions to major social issues related to the world of education, we stood by the organizers of the event and actively supported thematic schedules related to:

  • “contrast to early school leaving”, which aims to deepen the themes of inclusion, motivation, quality of teaching, skills, orientation, family, as key points of school leaving, promoting and disseminating the best practices of response and prevention of the phenomenon;
  • “environmental education”, which aims to address a complex phenomenon by sharing how to educate children and adolescents to the complexity of the environmental challenge, the interconnections that characterize it, the impact that environmental education can have against “climate change anxiety” and how to act on the water crisis, heat bubbles, urban greenery, land consumption, teaching virtuous behaviours linked to sustainability through game-based learning, up to the contribution that STEM methodologies can offer to environmental education through sensors, digital maps, electronics and laboratories.