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GEA 2023 – Giornate Educazione Ambiente
Activities, debates, meetings and workshops on education and the environment to inaugurate EDUQA

From 29 September to 01 October 2023, the headquarters of FOQUS in Quartieri Spagnoli, Naples, hosted the first edition of GEA – Giornate Educazione Ambiente. Three days of conferences, meetings, debates, readings and workshops aimed at citizens, students, teachers and parents reflected on the relationship between education and the environment.

GEA 2023 also saw the inauguration of the new EDUQA Centre. The result of collaboration between the Bolton Hope Foundation, the FOQUS Foundation, the “Dalla Parte dei Bambini” Schools and the “Con I Bambini” social enterprise, this new school complex is located in the renovated premises of the old Montecalvario School. Its programme is inspired by the latest European educational theories and makes environmental issues and active learning central to the curriculum.