An ultrasound device for Buzzi paediatric hospital
Support to purchase advanced technologies for prenatal diagnosis – Italy – Buzzi Foundation
The Buzzi Foundation was born and works in support of the Buzzi Paediatric Hospital in Milan, investing in scientific research and advanced technology. The Foundation also aims to guarantee the accessibility of the latest generation treatments to all children. Inside the Buzzi Hospital there is one of the best centres for foetal therapy, at the forefront for the diagnosis and treatment of the main rare diseases and for prenatal therapies. Every year at the centre an average of 10 diagnoses, 400 fatal resonances and 90 foetal surgeries are performed every day.

As Bolton Hope Foundation we have decided to support the “Healthy babies before birth” project, which aims to improve prenatal diagnosis, thanks to which it is possible to identify any congenital pathologies and rare diseases, intervening on the child before birth.

In particular, the Foundation’s contribution allowed the purchase of a latest generation digital ultrasound system, which through the acquisition of detailed images will allow an accurate prenatal diagnosis of the baby’s health and will allow treatments even before birth.

A contribution to the most advanced technology to ensure the latest generation of care for all children who need it.