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One Health One Future
Environmental education
2021 - 2022
One Health One Future is an educational project for secondary school students and teachers throughout Italy.

The project is an exciting adventure aimed at disseminating active teaching and responsible behaviours in young people, providing an understanding of the main issues of global environmental health and redesigning the relationship between humans and nature.

One Health One Future, under the supervision of the famous philosopher of science and evolutionist Prof. Telmo Pievani, was organized into five main topics:

  • the world and humankind in the Anthropocene era
  • the concepts of disease, pandemics, and circular health
  • human impact on the ecosystem and its effect on human health
  • the role of scientific research in health and social progress
  • how to re-think the relationship between humans and nature

I numeri chiave



ca. 1.800

secondary schools involved

più di


students enrolled

ca. 650

docenti iscritti

ca. 1.200

students involved in laboratory activities