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Futuro Prossimo
The school I would like for the world to come

From May 24th to May 26th, 2024, the first edition of Futuro Prossimo will take place at MEET – Digital Culture Center in Milan. It will be three days of lectures, round tables, workshops for teachers, meetings with students, educational workshops, conferences, and performances, where the world of education, youth, and work come together and engage in dialogue to share needs, perspectives, and visions.
As social innovation relies on conscious participation, Futuro Prossimo aims to provide a space for envisioning a school that makes it possible, empowering younger generations to take responsibility for building their present and future. It offers a concrete space for expression and listening to the voices of young people to reflect on necessary changes in education for the future development of society.
Over the three days of the event, MEET will host over 20 appointments including conferences, immersive experiences, meetings with educational experts, researchers, journalists, intellectuals, writers, educators, professionals from the business world, and activities for schools, with workshops for teachers and students, as well as exhibits, performances, workshops, and family meetings.