An accessible, transformative and quality education

Accessible, inclusive, and effective education is the most powerful tool to provide young people with the means and opportunities to build a better future.
The right to education is mentioned in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, sanctioned by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and is one of the 17 goals (SDGs) in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.
School attendance and education are essential if children and young people are to acquire self-awareness and to develop as individuals. These are also key components of social progress and economic development in all nations.
Yet, even today, not all children have the opportunity to learn, and many young people abandon their studies before they can acquire minimum basic skills, obtain a diploma or any other higher qualification.
Leaving school at a very young age is a strong barrier to personal growth, and it reduces a young person’s chances of building a better future for themselves. As a Foundation, we see an urgent need to intervene by supporting and promoting initiatives to guarantee access to learning, to prevent early school leaving, to integrate the concept of sustainable development at all levels of education system and to create high quality education and training opportunities for young people.
Our mission was conceived in Italy but it has no geographical limits.

Preventing early school leaving

Early school leaving refers to absence, incomplete or irregular attendance of school or refraining from further education by young people. There are many reasons why some young people give up education and training prematurely: it is about fragile socio-economic conditions, cultural and gender-based differences, poor quality education and lack of support and motivation.

School failure rates are not the only way to measure the effects of early school leaving: young people who drop out or whose attendance is passive or irregular, fail to acquire the skills needed to become aware and informed adults who have the skills to become active members of society.
The main objectives of our Foundation are supporting the growth of young people, offering all children a chance to learn and removing the economic barriers that preclude the completion of education.

Education for sustainable development

The sustainable development is and will increasingly be a key global challenge in the coming decades. Many changes will be needed in society all over the world to ensure to the next generations a fair and sustainable future.

Educating for sustainable development means sharing knowledge, skills, values and behaviours that allow children and young people to make informed decisions and to take responsible actions for present and future generations.

We intend to identify and disseminate pedagogical approaches and concrete teaching practices, aimed to convey a new environmental and social awareness, both in school and in other contexts. Only by making future generations aware of their key role, it will be possible to achieve the balance between people and nature and between individual and community, indispensable for the future of our planet and humanity.

Quality education

We are broadly interested in the world of education. In addition to the early school leaving and the education for sustainable development, we intend to explore and address other issues and complex phenomena from various points of view, by supporting diverse types of activity, aimed at promoting knowledge, skills and talents through a quality education.