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Support for education in emergencies
Support for learning – Italy – Year 2020
credits: "Francesco Alesi per Save the Children"

In the early and most dramatic stages of the Covid-19 emergency in 2020, 8 million students were forced to interrupt their normal in-school education.
What began as a health emergency became a social and economic emergency too, with particularly serious repercussions on families who were already suffering socially and economically, and who found themselves in precarious situations, unable to enjoy the support normally provided by schools or educate their children by themselves.

We immediately took action and supported Save the Children and Oxfam in their fight against poverty education and in the support they provided for families and schools.


As part of the “Non da soli” project run by Save the Children Italy, we distributed tablets and provided internet connection for families in difficulty. We helped build up schools’ capacity for providing remote learning services, and we supported head masters, teachers and families by organising webinars and tutoring for teachers to help them prepare distance learning lessons. We helped 20 schools and 6 education centres in Aprilia, Bari, Milan and Turin and provided support for 480 students and 200 teachers.

Under Oxfam’s “Nessuno indietro” project, we guaranteed 41 youngsters from schools in Tuscany (in the cities of Arezzo, Florence, Campi Bisenzio, Empoli and Prato) access to remote learning services by providing computers or tablets and an adequate internet connection. We even managed to provide remote learning support.