Jeanne Nissim Psychiatry Day Care Pavilion
A Psychiatric Day Care Pavilion in Tel Aviv - Sheba Fund for Health Services and Research
2022 - 2024
credits: “Project: Gio Latis STUDIO (#giolatis_studio)”

The Jeanne Nissim Psychiatry Day Care Pavilion is the new psychiatry department that, thanks to our contribution, will be built at the Sheba Medical Center in Tel Aviv, one of the world’s top ten hospitals, and will be named after the wife of the founder of the Bolton Group.

Building work began in 2021 with the goal of starting operations in 2024.

The ward will provide a wide range of psychiatric care services through a Day Care facility, allowing patients to avoid hospitalization and continue living with their families. Services will include psychiatric, psychological, nursing and social monitoring and treatment, and will also include an area to promote physical and psychological well-being.

credits: “Project: Gio Latis STUDIO (#giolatis_studio)”

Sheba Medical Center management estimates that the Pavilion will allow the number of patients receiving psychiatric day care to increase to more than 30 percent above the facility’s current capacity.

The Psychiatry Day Care Pavilion will collaborate with other facilities at Sheba Medical Center specializing, for example, on psychogeriatrics, postpartum depression, autism spectrum disorder, and anxiety and depression disorders.